Business Proposal All Episodes Hindilinks4u 2022

Business Proposal All Episodes Hindilinks4u Review 2022, it will release in OTT in Hindi soon in 480p, 720p, 1080p HD Quality.

Business Proposal All Episodes Hindilinks4u 2022

Business Proposal, a South Korean romantic comedy television show, is based on the webtoon with the same title by HaeHwa. It was illustrated by Narak. Park Seon-ho directed the series and it was written by Han Seolhee and Hong Bohee. It stars Ahn Hyo–seop and Kim Min-kyu. The story centers on Shin Ha-ri who is an employee who accepts to go out with a blind date instead of her friend. However, she discovers that her boss is actually Shin Ha-ri. From February 28th to April 5th 2022, 12 episodes of the series aired on SBS TV. You can also stream it on Netflix in certain regions.

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Business Proposal All Episodes Hindilinks4u Review 2022

Shin Ha-ri (Kim See-jeong), goes on a blind date with Jin Young-seo (SeolIn-ah), after she accepts to be her replacement. Her father had arranged it. It was to result in Ha-ri being’rejected’ by her potential partner. It goes wrong when Ha-ri’s date turns out be Kang Taemoo (Ahn Hyo–seop), CEO at Go Food, where she works.

Tae-moo is pressured by his grandfather Kang Da–goo (Lee Deok–hwa), to go on blind dates to find suitable partners. He decides to marry his blind partner to avoid the rest of the dates.

Ha-ri’s false identity is revealed, but not her employment status. Jin Young-seo, Tae-moo’s secretary, gets into an accident in a parking lot with Cha Sunghoon (Kim Minkyu), who was driving Tae-moo at the time.

Young-seo tricked Ha-ri to meet Tae-moo after the identity of Ha-ri is revealed. Ha-ri lies to him when he asks her for her real name. She says Shin Geumhui, which is the same name as Shin Geumhui, who is also the female lead in the popular television series Be Strong Geumhui (Korean gudseeora geoumhyiya). [A] to conceal that she is his employee.

After his grandfather threatened to send him on countless blind date, Tae-moo bullies Ha-ri and bribes her to pretend to be his fiancee. Ha-ri, a cash-strapped woman, accepts the offer to help her financially troubled parents. Ha-ri creates a fake identity and a background for fake dating to impress Taemoo’s grandfather.

Although the relationship is initially frosty and uncomfortable at first, they soon become closer when Tae-moo discovers Ha-ri’s true identity. Although feeling betrayed by Ha-ri, Taemoo still loves her and later they became a couple when he revealed to Ha-ri the truth about her identity.

Young-seo, who is now living with her father, moves out of the house and meets Sung-hoon at a convenience shop. Young-seo is attracted towards him but Sung-hoon is angry with her for lying to his boss and he tries to avoid her. He cannot deny his growing feelings for Young-seo, even though he eventually realizes it. They get together.


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