Anna All Episodes Hindilinks4u 2022

Anna All Episodes Hindilinks4u Review 2022, it will release in OTT in Hindi soon in 480p, 720p, 1080p HD Quality.

Anna All Episodes Hindilinks4u 2022

Yoo Mi is the woman who tells small lies and ends up living another’s life. Hyun Joo is a woman who treats everyone with kindness and malice, and places herself above all others. Yoo Mi is a subtly anxious person. Ji Hoon, Yoo Mi’s husband, is ambitious and forward-looking. Ji Won, a reliable senior who Yoo Mi can trust, is the only one she believes in.

Name Anna
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Anna All Episodes Hindilinks4u Review 2022

This review is being added because the synopsis of the movie is unclear and it doesn’t help you decide if you want to see it. However, the tags are very helpful. I Googled Ripley’s Syndrome, which is described by an antisocial personality disorder in which one fabricates grandiose lies to believe in a distorted reality. This person doesn’t feel any sympathy or shame for the victims. However, this last point doesn’t fit Anna’s portrayal. Anna does appear to feel guilt and shame.

This is a good way to guess the storyline. This is all I have, as I have only seen 2 episodes. Bae Suzy is once again a consummate actor. Once again, she has transformed a 2D script into a 3D character with complex emotions and motivations. I am looking forward to the remaining episodes, which are only 8 in total, and I will return at the end for a deeper analysis.

Updated: I am done watching the entire series. I have now watched all 8 episodes and can confirm that the last two episodes were the most weakest. It’s obvious that the editing was extensive to squeeze the last four episodes into two and for no apparent reason. It is puzzling why they had to cut. Were the ratings not good? They should have broadcast an extended version of the August show, if ratings were that bad.

These 2 episodes have caused me to lower my overall rating. Pity. I won’t be watching August’s extended edition.


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